Sep 06

September PTA Dates to Remember

September 2016 PTA Dates to Remember

Tuesday, Sept. 6th – Friday, Sept. 9th – CAREER WEEK
Tuesday, Sept. 6th – Progress Reports sent home
Friday, Sept. 9th – MMA Movie Night – 6pm – 9:30pm
Monday, Sept. 12th – Friday, Sept. 16th – COGAT and IOWA Testing
Monday, Sept. 12th – Cub Scouts Pack Meeting – 6:45pm
Tuesday, Sept. 13th – Foundation Ceiling Tile Kick-Off
Saturday, Sept. 17th – East Cobber Parade
Monday, Sept. 19th – Friday, Sept. 23rd – Hearing and Vision Screening 1st– 4th Grades
Wednesday, Sept. 21st – Moxie Burger Spirit Night with 5th Grade Teachers
Friday, Sept. 23rd – – Spirit Store – 7:15am
Dad’s Carpool – 7am
Box Tops Due
Lassiter Homecoming
Monday, Sept. 26th – Friday, Sept. 30th – FALL BREAK


Sep 06

PTA Participation Contest Results so far




PTA Participation Contest Results Week ONE/TWO

                   Thank you to everyone who has joined the PTA or contributed to the Teacher Gift Fund/ Winter Party Class Donation.

               We are running a contest through the month of September to award one class per grade level for the highest participation in the PTA.

                                  Here are the Percentages broken down so far:  BOLD NAMES  are 1st place so far

We have this week and next week left to go!!!! Get those donations in as soon as you can please.


Starting Week                       Week One               Week Two

Aumman                   61%                                       66%                           66%

Brooks                       71%                                       71%                           80%

Podawiltz                  50%                                       60%                           60%

Washington              25%                                       25%                           80%

1st Grade:

Starting Week                         Week One               Week Two

Afanador                   61%                                      72%                            72%

August                       78%                                      79%                            84%

Long                           50%                                      50%                            50%

McGee                       63%                                      68%                            73%

Hagler                        66%                                      66%                            66%

2nd Grade:

Starting Week                          Week One                Week Two

Chaney                     57%                                         61%                             69%

Craig                         64%                                         68%                             90%

Evans                        65%                                         69%                             69%

Levin                         72%                                         76%                             76%

3rd Grade:

Starting Week                         Week One                  Week Two

Callahan                    63%                                       77%                              86%

Griscti                        86%                                       86%                              90%

Karantonis                54%                                       63%                              63%

Stewart                     66%                                       76%                              76%

4th Grade:

Starting Week                           Week One                   Week Two

Bailey                        52%                                          56%                            56%

Barton                      54%                                           59%                            59%

Rich                           68%                                          77%                             77%

Simmons                  84%                                          84%                             84%

White                        65%                                          65%                             65%

5th Grade:

Starting Week                         Week One                       Week Two

Campbell                 66%                                         70%                                 70%

Einertson                 69%                                         78%                                 78%

Hammond               36%                                         50%                                  50%

Powell                      56%                                         60%                                  60%


Aug 31

PTA Opposes Amendment One for OSD Nov 8th

vote no

Voting on the “Opportunity School District” Constitutional Amendment takes place during the general election in November 2016.
A specific amendment number will be given to the amendment in early summer. Once that amendment number is given, Georgia PTA will start educating and advocating in reference to that amendment number for clarity for the voters.
The Ballot Question “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance?” That sounds great but what the Ballot Question REALLY Means is… “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow an appointee of the Governor to take over local school operation, take possession of buildings, and take control of all federal, state and local funding if a school has low scores on standardized tests or for any other reason a future Legislature and/or Governor may allow?”
What Does This Mean to You, Your Child and Your School District?
• Allows the state to take over any school that the state determines to be failing. u Definition of “failing” may be changed by any future Legislature u Currently using CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index) score below 60. The State Board of Education (appointed by the Governor) has the authority to change the CCRPI formula
• The Governor appoints a Superintendent of the OSD. The OSD Superintendent operates independently of the State Department of Education or your elected School Superintendent of Georgia. He is accountable only to the Governor, not voters or taxpayers.
• The OSD Superintendent may do one of four things with the school, without input from parents, teachers, administrators, the local school board, or the community: u Close the school and disburse the children and the staff around the county. u Force the local school board make changes to the OSD school (reorganizing the staff, firing all teachers, hiring new staff, etc.) as directed by the OSD Superintendent. u Dual governance between the OSD Superintendent and local board of education. u Transfer the school to the State Charter Schools Commission, who can then hire a for-profit management company to operate the school. The local board has no role except to pay for it. This is what has happened in most states and districts that have approved state takeover plans. Parents do not have to be allowed any say in what happens to the school or to the teachers.
• Allows the state to take local funds to run the schools it takes over in the existing local school buildings. u This would be the first time state charter schools would be allowed to use LOCAL funds. u Even when the state charter school exits OSD control, it does not return to local district control. It remains a state charter school and gets to use the local money and school building forever. u If the local school district needs a new school it will have to build a new one and will not be compensated for the school it lost. u While under OSD control the local school system would still have to pay for all of the school’s upkeep.
• All the teachers and the staff can be fired from the local OSD school with no reason or recourse but the local school system (and your taxes) will still have to pay their salary and reassign them. Teachers are hired by the school system not the State.
• The Governor has sole control over the district, as his appointed Superintendent serves at the Governor’s pleasure.
• There is nothing in the legislation that talks about improvements in education or any extra resources for these schools. So it is business as usual in our schools except the state and the for-profit management company run the schools. Additionally, schools that score low on standardized tests and are not taken over by the OSD get no extra help.
• The Georgia State Department of Education is already empowered to intervene to assist struggling schools via O.C.G.A. 20-14-41, and many of the requirements for state assistance match the requirements for a state takeover through the OSD. The appointed OSD Superintendent, not the elected State School Superintendent, would have authority over the public OSD schools.

Aug 31

Reflections “What’s Your Story?”


Aug 16

Welcome Desk Volunteers Needed


Welcome Desk
We are again working through our Room Parents to help staff the Welcome Desk.  It is a vital link between visitors, our staff and our teachers.  Please be apart of this great program!  The sign-up process is working through VolunteerSpot.  Our Room Parents will simply be passing the information along each month for you to act upon.  What we want to do is make it easy for you to help.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. Look at the days your class is assigned and see where there are CURRENTLY openings.  If you have questions regarding when your class is scheduled, just ask your Room Parent.
  2. If you can fill one of these spots, or if another day works better for you (openings can be filled by anyone—first come, first serve) go to the following link and sign up where there is an opening.
    1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
    2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
    3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and
  3. The website will always have the most current status of volunteer openings (especially if you update when you need to make a change).  Keep the website address handy in case you end up with a couple of spare hours and can help out.
  4. If you have questions, contact me (Kim Schorpp) at   (Subject: Welcome Desk)

Aug 16


important news


Children may not be dropped-off at school before 7:15am


Car Tags
Parents must have a car tag to pick up children in the afternoon car pool lane. Car riders will be provided with (1) car tag at no cost. Additional car tags can be purchased in the front office for $2.00. If a car does not have a car tag, the parent will have to park and come inside with identification to sign the child out. Thank you for your patience with this system to ensure greater safety of our children.

For school closings due to inclement weather, please access the CCSD Websiteand watch the local news

  • If you need to change the way your child is going home in the afternoon, please send in a note with your child in the morning, or call the office before 1:45. There are NO transportation changes made after 1:45pm.
  • Lunch Schedule and prices can be found on the Lunch Menu page.
  • You can pay for ASP and lunches with a credit card throughMyPaymentsPlus!

PLEASE put your child’s name inside of their belongings.  Unclaimed items with no names are donated every month.

Sep 01

2016-17 Executive Board of the RM PTA

We would like to introduce you to the 2016-2017 Executive Board of the PTA

President Katie Simmons

Co Vice President Julia Sowell

Co Vice President Stacey Warshowsky

Treasurer Aimee Ballenger

Co Secretary Kasey Homol

Co Secretary Gema Hall

Parliamentarian Niki Palmer