Sep 07

Become a Member in September! Latest UPDATES

Become a Member in September!

We invite all families to join and participate in the PTA. All month we will be running grade level competitions for PTA Participation, the class per grade level with the highest percent of participation will win a party. You can join with our one stop shopping packages or if you are unable to commit to the PTA Package at this time there are other ways to participate. You can send in the $29 Family Donation or most importantly the $25 per student Classroom Donation that covers all of your teachers gifts for the, no other separate money will be asked of you for that fund.Here are the results so far of the PTA Participation Contest:

Kindergarten: :
Aumann-  100%                                                                                                                                                       Brooks- 80%
Levin- 84%
Sheridan- 89%

1st Grade
August- 72%
Long 72%
Negas- 70%
Podawiltz- 61%
Washington- 82%

2nd Grade:
Chaney- 66%
Craig- 71%
Evans- 82%
McGee- 83%

3rd Grade:
Callahan- 63%
Griscti- 82%
Hammond- 77%
Karantonis- 71%
Stewart- 80%

4th Grade:
Bailey- 65%
Simmons- 97%
Smith- 63%
White- 77%

5th Grade:
Campbell- 78%
Powell- 69%
Rich 90%

Our Membership Drive Ends September 22nd! Winning Classes will be announced Monday Oct 2nd, look for updates on our website www.rockymountpta.org and on Facebook and the Rocky Mount Parents Page.

If you have questions about if you have joined or how to join please contact Katie Simmons at ninekms@hotmail.com