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Committee Heads and Board of Directors Positions

Arts in Education                            Amy Albers BoD

Reflections                                            Pearl Britto

Yearbook                                                Mauri Brune BoD

 Communications/ Publications and Media- Lisa Cutler

Webmaster                                                Katie Simmons BoD

Marquee                                                    Steve Cutler

Directory                                                   Alysha Burris

 Education Enrichment

Book Fair                                                   Amy Albers

Learning Commons Volunteer Coordinator  Amy Albers

Faculty and Staff Representative            To be filled once school starts

Environmental Education                         Erin Dickerson

Health and Youth Services-                      Shelbee Bailey and Ashley Saunders

Health/ Wellness                                    Shelbee Bailey and Ashley Saunders BoD

Vision and Hearing                               Annie Jones

Legislation/Advocacy                              Kisa Santigo BoD

Diversity/ Inclusion                                   Parul Benders  BoD

Membership                                            Stacy John BoD

Welcome Desk Coordinator                Jennifer Edwards

Spirit Store Coordinator                           Erika Emerick BoD

Room Parent Coordinator                   Jennifer Edwards BoD

Honoring Our Heroes                            Pearl Britto

Red Ribbon Week                                Sharon Lightstone and Counselling Advisory Council

Box Tops                                                       Erika Emerick

Community Outreach                              Sharon Lightstone and Counselling Advisory Council   BoD

 Parent/ Family Involvement               Parul Benders and Ashley Saunders BoD

Thanksgiving Luncheon                              Kerri Cochran

Family Fun Nights                                         Executive Board

Blood Drive                                                     Suzy Kale

Teacher Staff Appreciation                             Lisa Cutler

 F.B. I. Fathers Being Involved                     Stacey Warshowsky BoD

Breakfast with Dad                                          Stacey Warshowsky

Dad’s Carpool                                                Brett Landry and Stephanie Landry

5th Grade Activities                                       Lisa Cutler and Shannon Frank

Total of 24 seats, must have a majority to conduct business, will have 3 meetings or more a year, Sept, Feb and April, are the scheduled BOD meetings to be held after the Executive Board Meetings, total of 22 different people consist of the Board of Directors must have at least 12 total people at a meeting to conduct business, with the executive board members already being present we would need an additional 5 BOD to have a meeting.